Decentralized Crypto Platform

Creating a new decentralized social experience.

Seamless Crypto Integration

Eight compatible cryptocurrencies
Instantly convert Fiat <-> Crypto
ERC-20 Token compatibility
Send crypto-payments to usernames

Modern Shopping Experience

Free-market crypto competition
Custom ‘Micro-shop’ management
Linked with Crypt-Debit Card
Secure checkout options

Social Platform

Strong social media features
Track friends purchases
Discover new trending products
Reinventing social shopping

Join the Karbon Token ICO

Token Sale in Progress

To join the Karbon ICO, please send to one of the official token sale addresses listed below.
Tokens will be distributed once the ICO is finished. The top 99 contributors receive a limited edition, sequentially numbered, Karbon Debit Card. Tokens will be sold at a rate of 230 KARB=1 ETH and 2600 KARB=1 BTC to early buyers, and then move at a gradual decreasing rate.

Total Distribution
Karb Tokens

Token Sale Ends on:  September 23, 2017



Set Gas Limit to 200,000 before sending ETH contribution.




Set Gas Limit to 200,000 before sending ETH contribution.




Please submit form located here after sending BTC contribution.



Please submit form below after sending BTC contribution.

Karbon ICO Ends in:

The Karbon Debit Card


The top 99 contributors to our Initial Coin Offering will receive a limited edition Karbon Debit Card packaged in our custom Karbon Card Gift Box. This limited edition card receives a special 0% fee for the lifetime of the card.


Meet the Karbon App.

Karbon is the next step in mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Our platform makes it easy to exchange, earn, and spend cryptocurrencies on a modern social platform.

Activity Feed

Our activity feed incorporates crypto transactions as well as social activity. See what cypto purchases are made directly in your feed.


Rating helps to boost user profile status in the network. Rating can be done by giving a ‘Thumbs Up’ to a quality post.


As well as rating, Microtipping posts is encouraged and helps to stimulate quality content. Users can earn while they post, and get introduced to crypto.

Secure Messaging

Through our secure messaging platform, users can also take advantage of E2EE Messaging. Secure OMEMO protocols are used.

Payments in Conversation

In the Conversation dialog box, users can request payments as well as send money directly to trusted users. No more playing with wallet addresses, usernames are all that’s necessary.

Simplicity Redefined

Conversations are simple, but can be quite advanced. With new shortcode payment options coming soon, we make exchanging cryptocurrencies simple.

Popup Requests

Detailed payment popup requests show the user exactly what is happening in the transaction. Choose between your available crypto balances, and see current exchange rates.

Friendly Transaction

Popup requests can be done through secure messages, as well as directly through followed users. This allows for one-time payment requests between users.

Digital or Local

Create payment requests for the sale of goods locally, or local services. Requests can also be made with digital transfers, to pay for digital items, hassle-free.

Physical Debit Link

Using the Karbon Debit Card, users can spend cryptocurrencies in their digital wallet anywhere credit cards are accepted. Private keys are stored client side.

Default Currency

Select your auto-debit currency within your wallet. The default currency is used whenever the debit card is used for purchases.

Crypto Compatibility

Currently we support most currencies that can be sold on exchanges, as well as our own Karbon token. Token usability is implemented from day one through the platform.

Manage Accounts

Through the settings panel, have the option to control more than one account. Personal, fan, and shop pages are all located in the Settings panel.

Shipping Addresses

When purchasing goods that need to be shipped, enable one-click shipping by setting a default shipping address. This makes purchasing goods even faster!

VPN Configuration

Browse securely through a VPN in the Karbon app, with plans to have secure TOR connections in the very near future.

Set Up Shop

Anyone can sell anything through Karbon by setting up a Shop page. Shops are free to setup, and fees are zero during our early product release stages.

Ship Through the App

Shipping labels can be purchased through the app, and emailed to your designated email address. Wireless network printing support also included.


Feedback is important on Karbon, to both the seller and buyer. Future resolved transactions can clean negative feedback up, in the result of a compromise.

Quick Purchasing Power

Speeding up the checkout process is important, to both the buyer and seller. Our checkout process is clean and elegant, while displaying your current cart.

Choose your Crypto

Similar to the request feature, we enable the user to select which cryptocurrency holding to pull funds through. The default payment option is selected initially.

Clean Exchange Rates

Know what you’re buying, and how much you’re spending with simplified exchange rates displayed on the cart pop-up.

The Team

Vitaly Ovin    HTML tutorial

Founder – Lead Developer

Jeff Russel   HTML tutorial

Full Stack Developer

Marko Andrichuk

Support Administration

Sergei Zherdev


Patrick Weinberg


Dimitry Sokolov



Our Roadmap


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